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Today you’ll have to think a little more than the last days and to project yourself in the future. We’ll speak about the month’s goals.

Nothing too complicated: you just have to list what you want to have done at the end of the month.

If you don’t have ideas, it’s no a big deal. « Write regularly », « Write every day », « Make 50 words each day of the week », « Make my story go forward », all of theses examples works. If you have more precise goals, like « write 2 chapters » or « plot 5 scenes », it’s fine too.

Make it with what you have. The rest will add step by step (I’ll give you tips and ways to set goals). For now, no need to plan by week or day, it will be done in a few days.

Make a list and if you really need it to be ordered, you can make a draft and copy it after sorting.

I have some projects: general (word count by day and number of written days), the blog, Tarot Dimension, stuff to add and test on my ScriBuJo and the last part is for the challenges I make like #WriteAStoryChallenge and the weekly hunting one on a writing game. I separate each with a headline as you can see on weekly reviews posts.

For tomorrow, take a calendar of the current month! See You!

Your mission, if you accept it:

Make the monthly goals page and fill it

Fill the Index with the page number.

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