ScriBuJo 05

Next part of yesterday, I hope you did your little list (sorry no Santa Claus will fill your goals for you).

Today’s work will be longer or quicker, depending on everyone.

You have to think about what you want to accomplish at the end of the week, in what you listed. You’ll have to take into account the time you can get for writing in each day or the week, and your rhythm.

You can cut into 4 or 5 according to the month and do one part a week.

Don’t aim too small nor too big, the daily cutting will be tomorrow.

If you begin or get back at it after a long break, you can’t write as much on 10 minutes as if you do it daily and you’re typing fast.

It’s not a competition, but knowing your rhythm, word per minute, is a good scale to know how much you can aim for a week, a month or even a year.

Be careful, the dactylographic speed, when you simply tape a set text is not the same as when you write. As you have to think about it, it takes more time, it’s normal. I’ll get back at it later.

You can set as a weekly goal:

  • work on a project,
  • continue to write 50 to 500 words to start or continue the January challenge (it’s perpetual).

You can decide to make things that take a variable time, like develop character’s sheets, a plot, etc. Don’t worry, I’ll talk about these sheets next week.

Many of you will say « I don’t need sheets, I don’t need notes, it happens just like that. » It’s your right and it can be your way of doing things, but I recommend you to write the minimum on it. I’ll explain why when we’ll be at it, or I’ll digress again. Yeah, I do have arguments better than « Sheets are great ! ».
With theses suggestions, you should find something to put it.

If you work on a short stories collection, you can try to write one a week, like Ray Bradbury recommends, but if you don’t have short ones, it’s a lot of work. I tried a light version (2,5k words on a short story per week), that wasn’t easy ! I think I’ll rework and set that challenge later on the year, with different level of difficulty, when we’ll be on the rails together. Minimal needs where between 1000 and 2500 words on a short story a week.

Today’s triple goal is:

  • Fill little by little the ScriBuJo.
  • Begin to set goals and see how much you can or can’t do it to fight procrastination
  • Get a regular contact with writing. It’s not by writing two days a month, every three months, that you’ll finish your story and will get better at it if it’s your goal.

I say this again, you don’t have to set how much words or which task for each day, you’ll plan it tomorrow.


Your mission, if you accept it:
Make the page and set the work for the week.
Fill the Index with the page number.

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