ScriBuJo 07

We have goals and planning, then we have reviews, or it will be meaningless.

It can take time or be quick, you just have to accumulate what you have done and compare.

There are many ways, depending on how you set goals:

  • Count days you wrote your minimal word count goal.
  • Count the total words you wrote to compare it to the goal.

With more precise goals, like rewrite scenes, write a chapter and such, you did it or not, that’s all.

I use a squared washi tape and I tick boxes. It’s more visual. I just have to think « this day, I ticked the minimal words written, I tick it on the review ». A cross for a cross, nothing to think about, it’s quickly finished.

Every day, I fill a spreadsheet, to have more in-depth stats, compare projects, months, a year with another, if I rewrote more than I wrote, if all my words were for the blog, and so on. It calculated automatically the week’s total, I just have to have a look, compare if it’s bigger or not and cross the square if it is.

You can use the January challenge’s spreadsheet, I added some stats to it.

For now, we’ll add no more, but it can be done later (it’s planned) or as the « life level 10 » writer’s style (I’ll write a post on it as soon as I tested the concept all the way around). The goal is to keep moving, not drowning you with too much.

As for everything else, I recommend you to test everything I propose and, at the end of this challenge, you’ll see what you keep and what’s not working with you.

Each year, I’ll redo this challenge, so it would be the time to test all of it again, to see if it works now or not. You can also customise it at will. It’s not because I do it that way that it will work for you the same way.

We were not made the same way, we don’t motivate ourselves the same way, we don’t write the same way. I suggest rather standard things, so it should work with most of you. If the weekly review doesn’t work with you, I recommend you still try it for this month. I can be the initial resistance: you just have to set the engine up.

You don’t need to make pretty pages. Box to cross with squared paper or dots works too. And you’ll don’t make me believe that tick five or six boxes with a plain cross with two diagonal lines takes time. If it’s your reward page to got the work done, you can take felt-tip pens or coloured pencils to fill the boxes. You just have to be reasonable.

If you do weekly reviews, the monthly review – which is at the end of the challenge, as you can guess :p – will be easier. You’ll see then which one is better.

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