ScriBuJo 15 (En)

Version française ici.

Today, a little bit more work, but if inspiration doesn’t come, you can fill it later. But if you do so after the final revision, there’s no use. :p

Depending on how you’re using settings on your texts, you can delve into details or take a few notes. Write one or two things about the place, such as its appearance or its general mood.

Take, for example, a graveyard. It’s something fairly common, but there’s a big difference between a military graveyard that you visit in the middle of the day in a big city and the small-town desolate graveyard that you wander into at midnight.

On one hand, you have lined-up graves separated by clear, clean ways. On the other hand, you can only see shapes, amongst which some strange ones, plants can take over the place and you can miss the main way if it turns and you don’t.

You don’t need to write everything. I’d say you’ll cover the basics with the following list:

  • Name
  • Localisation
  • Notes

It’s really quick, but I only show the pantser and plantser way. A more in-depth post will be done once I’ll have a definitive method to make mine.

And tomorrow, we’ll continue on this way, with an adaptable sheet for your projects!


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