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Listing books about writing

If you write seriously (I’m speaking about your attitude about writing, not the genre of your books!), you’ll end up reading books about writing to improve your skills. You don’t have to do that if you see it more as a hobby, but as for me, it’s my job.

I’d advise you make a list of the book that caught your eyes. That way, you won’t forget any title when the time come to buy them (happens to me all the time). You’ll also be sure of what you’ve already read. It’s hard to remember after a while, especially if you’re dealing with ebooks since you don’t often see their covers as a visual reminder.

You can take advantage of the list to “grade” books and keep a record of your opinion about the author. With time, as you learn and practice, some books will be useless for you. Therefore, it’s useless to buy the five books of So-and-so if the first one didn’t help you. Though maybe the others will be aimed at more seasoned authors, and thus more adapted to your case.

In summary, this is a homework page, because learning is never a waste.

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