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Notes about books in your genre

Same story than the last article and the second-to-last article. If you understood what made you react to something in a book, take note of it. One day, maybe you will want to create the same effect or to avoid it, so it will be useful to be able to find the author and the relevant passage rather than searching through the twelve volumes of the Sword of Truth (not that it happened to me, since I always take notes… But I’ll have to reread the first books since I haven’t studied them yet).

You don’t have to take notes for every book you read. You can have a good time with a book that doesn’t have anything particularly noteworthy.

I don’t advise you write a literary critique, either (on the matter of your writing studies, at least: if you want to do it, it’s your life!). The goal here is solely to put forward the things that you would like to recreate or to avoid.

Tomorrow will be the last time you’ll have to do something in matters of writing!

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