ScriBuJo 23 (En)

Version française ici.

Year’s objectives

We’re getting back to the more optimization-oriented part of the ScriBuJo because it’s a productivity tool before it is a writing tool

You understood the concept behind weekly or monthly objectives, now we’ll cover yearly objective since the ScriBuJo is meant to be used in the long term. On the other hand, if you plan to take a break in your writing activities, it’s useless to fill it: it’d just be full of nothing.

As usual, I will ask you to prepare a nice list for the next time with the projects you want to take on, those you are nearly finished and those for whom you have pre-determined deadlines. You can also note the moments when you know you won’t be able to write (holiday, exams, health check-up, family outings…) to prepare a planning.

If you can’t plan until something as far as December, if you don’t have enough projects for now, or if to the opposite you have too many projects and can’t know for sure which one you’ll be working on durably, you can do your planning for three or six months. In the case of short stories’ anthologies or projects you’re not sure you’ll do, you can just write “project A/short stories 1” on your planning (for instance: « February: Short story 2 ») and write down the title when you know what you’ll be doing then.

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