ScriBuJo 03

We’ll add a new sort of typical BuJo page: list or collection. Both are quite the same, but I tend to use « list » when it’s about things to tick and « collection » when it’s data gathering or trackers on many pages.

I advise you (but it’s up to you) to add an idea list for general writing stuff and one for each of you main projects.

If you have, for example, a collection of short story or poetry on progress, it’s better to make only a list, it will prevent you from having fifteen barely used empty pages.

The goal here is rapidity. An idea comes, you write it. Either on the daily page with the key, you chose (to report it later), or on the Idea page. When you have more time (I do it during the weekly review), you review your Idea list, you see if it’s still relevant or not and you migrate it to a more accurate place.

I advise you to add a little something to find the page(s) quickly. An index, a washi tape border, a sticky label, a paper clip, a bookmark, everything you want. Suggestions here (sorry, I’ll translate it asap, but pics are enough for this point).

This list will help you make a little order in the raging storm in your head (at least in mine).

Speaking of it, tomorrow we will make a little brain dump, minus the creative part. Il will be productivity. It’s not a panacea nor a radical cure against procrastination and boredom, but it helps!

You mission, if you accept it:

Make Idea page

Fill the Index will page numbers.

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