February’s challenge

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Today, for the blog’s first monthly challenge, we’ll make a ScriBuJo all along the month.

Each day, we’ll add a new page, and at the end, you’ll know enough to go on your way if it works with you. The BuJo’s concept is to do what you want, as you want, and adapt all the way through. For this month, I advise you follow my instructions so that you can try out each page before you decide they don’t work for you.

I’ll skim over the details for now, so that we can work on a new page each day, but we’ll come back to each of them in March so that we can study them further.

You’ll need:

  • a notebook or a binder with paper sheets, between A4 (a printer sheet) and A6 (a printer sheet fold in half on each side). Lined, squared or dotted. It can be an already started notebook/binder, it’s only for testing.
  • a pen that feels good and makes your writing readable.
  • a small time frame alone, enough time to read the daily blog post and create the page. I’d say 5 to 15 minutes depending on your reading speed, your writing speed and on the daily page.
  • Think about the experiment, how could it be interesting and useful. It may sound stupid, but if you have a reason to do it (organise your writing, track work to know what you can do for a set period or time or write your ideas so you won’t lose them anymore, for example), it will help you to do it every day.

There will be a little reward for those who got along and subscribe to the blog, I’ll get to this later.

For the time being, you can search around or have a look at the basics to see it’s about.

That being said, the BuJo we’ll create together is a ScriBuJo: a strictly utilitarian, but not ugly journal aimed at writers. It can also be used by artists or professional BuJo. You will see no frills, no cute drawing, everything will have a use. I won’t stop you if you want to decorate yours, but I won’t lead the way. The aim of the ScriBuJo is to be a tool that helps you be more efficient. It defeats the purpose if you ending up wasting your time adding frills! (I’m not criticising those who spend hours doing it if it’s their thing. In my personal BuJo, I make simple Zentangle to separate sections and I colour them when I need to focus. You see that I make it because it allows me to focus and gather my « creative energy » to be more productive when I’m writing. As I said: with me, everything does have an use :p).

I’ll add later, as a reward, a printable set for the pages we need for the challenge (the end of year celebration prevented me from finishing on time). All those who subscribe to the site (mail or WordPress) and take part in the challenge (comments and/or pictures) will receive a discount code that allows them to have it for free when the set will be ready.

It will be available on A5 and A6, for binder like Filofax, or to be bound or stapled by hand. Pages won’t be numbered, as the number and placement will vary depending on everyone’s need. There will one page of each, recto only, as you can set any other page on the back side. This set, and others, filling more specific needs, will be available during the year in my Etsy shop. I’ll set a personal one later. These sales, and affiliate links, will support the blog’s hosting.

I’m waiting for you on February 1st, you can pre-register here, on the FaceBook event and subscribe to the blog (mail or WordPress) to be sure you don’t miss a daily post.

I’ll add challenge’s links here as soon as they will be up.

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