March’s challenge’s intro

Version française ici.

As you know if you’re a socially active writer, two events are coming (and since this article is late, one of them has already begun :p).

  • the two-year-old ID2mars, launched by the French Nano ML: Laure Isabelle. During the month, you have to spend 50 hours on a creative pursuit of your choice: writing (novels, short stories, scenarios, etc.) but also drawing, photographing, knitting — anything you want.
  • Camp NaNo in April, a holiday-style NaNo with “cabins” where up to 12 people can chat and support each other. Don’t worry, there’s no need to aim for 50k words: this time, you choose your own word count beginning from a minimum of 10k.

ID2Mars changed since last year, so I’m going to try it out and I know for experience that if I don’t forget to actualize my progress trackers, I’ll reach my goal (I dedicate 4 hours per day to writing and writing-related tasks, so 50 hours is barely more than a week’s worth for me).

If some of you are taking part in ID2Mars, feel free to give me your pseud so that I can add you as a friend… If the option is still available (I forgot my password and there’s no automated process for these case, so I’m awaiting an answer from the admins).

I’m eagerly awaiting Camp NaNo, if only because 4TheWords (the writing website that helps me get motivated to write) is organising an event for the occasion. The Untus hunt of last November was an awesome and fun trial that encouraged you to reach those cursed 1667-words goals to earn nice rewards (like sailor hats marked with the year, epic boots for your avatar and an amulet that give you a great amount of luck – I’m never letting go of this one!).

To summarise, new waves of Untus are coming each week with a new theme. I really liked the magic and writers ones. The site is written in English, but you just need basic knowledge of the language (write, play, edit, delete, create, add…)

If 4TheWords is interesting to you, here’s my referral code: SFQSA06843. With it, you get a few blue crystals when you subscribe and I can send you a present. Blue crystals are used to pay the monthly subscription, at most 4 euros a month (but there often are special offers or, if you manage to reach your NaNo word count, up-to-60% discount). As your referral, I’ll send you a free month or, as you prefer, something to have an easier beginning in the game, and of course, I offer one free game month in each instalment of the January challenge, now a monthly challenge. They should soon add an option for group fights so we will be able to organise set challenges with monsters to defeat together! <3

To come back to the Camp Nano topic, I’d like to propose a preparation process. We’re not going to predict what you’re going to write, we’re just going to train to progressively reach the word count necessary to your success. As with the January challenge, there will be a spreadsheet that will help you establish your daily wordcount depending on your goal, on how much you wrote until then and how many days you can write during the week.

Still, on the Camp Nano thing, there are 12-persons cabins. Anybody interested in sharing a cabin?


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