ScriBuJo 01 (En)

Version française ici.

As I already said a few days ago, you’ll need a notebook or a binder, useful and resistant, as it’s supposed to travel a little. Not too thin, or you’ll have to change it soon. I’d say about 96 pages, so you can try it out for 2-3 months and then choose something more adapted for your use.

If you know since the beginning that you have an astronomical number of projects or titan-sized projects, you could try to take a few notebooks (one for tracking and one per projects, or one for tracking and one for everything else about your projects) or you can do like me and have a binder-agenda like the Filofax one. No need to take one that cost a leg. On the internet, you can find some for 10€ or less. Prices and shipping times varies depending on where you’ll buy it from. (I put a little selection from Amazon at the end.)

You’ll also need a pen, nice to use because you’ll write! Just kidding. Not today at least. :p

If you already read the basics, you won’t discover much today… but you’ll have work to do. Take your soon-to-be ScriBuJo, your pen and let’s go!

Today, not much thinking, but some steps to go through:

  • Index
  • Keys
  • Future log/Year
  • February

You can do as you wish for the first page, but I advise you to put a way to contact you, just in case. It would be a shame to lose everything.

1. Index
The first double page is for the Index. It’s a table of contents we’ll complete as your ScriBuJo grows.

I do some maths to know how much I’ll need. I count the number of pages if it’s not written somewhere and I keep 2/3. It’s an estimate of the line number I’ll need. After that, you’ll have to count how much usable line you have on the sheet. For square and 5×5 dots, you can measure it and keep half of it. Write « Index » at the top of each page you’ve dedicated to your Index and we’re done.

Some people number the pages used for their Index, other don’t, it’s up to you. You can number them in advance (I do so for my son’s BuJo… but he a preschooler) or on the go. As I often forget, I number and complete the Index during my weekly review.

From now onward, I’ll stop telling you how to title your pages. It’s obvious enough and, if you want to change it, it’s your ScriBuJo, you do as you want. Take care to write the same title in the index and on the relevant page.

2. Keys

Keys, or bullets, are the heart of the BuJo. With a few symbols, you’ll save time and organise all of this mess. I already wrote about it in the lexicon, but here is a picture reminder, with those from the creator’s website and mine.


3. Future log/Year
You take the next double page and you divide it into two or three parts depending on the size of your page. The goal is to have a place to dump events, like book fairs, book releases, beta reading’s deadlines. You don’t need much place (detailed goals will be somewhere else). You write the name of each month starting with March (next month if you jump into the bandwagon) in each box and you do the same for the next double page until you covered the whole year.

(There should be a pic here, but it was awful so I’ll redo it tomorrow with sunlight.)

4. February

Next double page, on the left, you number from 1 to 28/29/30/31 according to the month. If you want to, add the first letter of the corresponding day (Monday, Tuesday, etc) beside the number.

I do it because I tend to either remember the number or the weekday: this way, it prevents bad surprises such as the time I planned a full-time work’s week… Only that it coincided with the family holiday and, in the end, I only had four days for myself.

If your notebook is too small to write the whole month in one go, don’t worry, either you start it on the left and the end of the right page, or you start on the left and you end it on the next double page’s left page. The other way is to separate the month in half, to 15/16 and to 28/29/30/31.

At each date, write what you planned. Writing workshop, write-in (virtual or not), the publication of an article you want to read, the review of the week you should do on the weekly review of the blog (I’ll start to post theses in English and French next week), etc.

On the right, you’ll have a random list of everything you have to do during the month, but without a date. Buying a new pen or cartridge, changing computer… As long as it’s related to writing!

We’re done for today. It’s wasn’t really fun, but it’s a mandatory step. Starting tomorrow, we’ll do a more entertaining part. I won’t really come back to these pages in much more details, so if you have something to add, do it and don’t forget to keep them updated.

Your mission, if you accept it:

Make these pages.

Fill the Index with pages numbers.

I’ll add the selection a little later.

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