ScriBuJo 02

If you read BuJo’s Basics, you won’t learn much today too. And it will be a very light and short version.

You take the next empty page. I don’t put title here, as it’s implied by the planning of the month just the page before, but you do as you wish. Moreover, the way I write the date put it in front enough, so there is no mistake possible.


You write the date the way you want. It can be « Thursday 2nd », Thursday, February 2nd » or simply « 02/02T ».

I don’t advise you to put many things like you can in a BuJo: frills, forecast, many trackers, etc. We will add some step by step and only writing related.

Newline, you put a point or an empty square depending on the key you chose yesterday, and you write your first writing-related task (research, word count goal, a book to study, etc.). After that, you can add some if there is more. If you’re part of the January’s challenge (which turn perpetual), you can write our daily goal, between 50 and 500 words a day.

You can also write notes, ideas and if you want, your starting and finishing time. I put the last on a spreadsheet, it does the maths for me and it’s quicker than if I do it by hand (and I’m in love with stats so I have many math formulae to apply).

At the end of the day/the session/tomorrow morning/at the start of the next session, you’ll check what’s done, see what’s not and write the next date. You’ll decide at this point if you report each undone task or not.

For ideas and notes, we’ll see tomorrow how to manage them. You’ll have to do what you did today every day.

Your mission if you accept it:
Make you daily page

Fill the Index if you want to*

*I write the week, with starting and ending page number. I don’t bother list each page as if there is something else between.

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