ScriBuJo 08 (En)

Version française ici.

« Daily tracker »? What’s that?

No big deal. Just some boxes to fill or tick. If you wrote, if you did your 50 to 500 words, if you studied or read… All the information you want to track. If you do want to track some.

You just need to know how much, because when you have 20, it’s too much. If you do need the 20 and you add them gradually, you can handle them, but 20 at once, it’s too much. Even 10.

For this challenge, we’ll begin slowly. I suggest some and you pick those that matters to you:

  •  wrote this day
  • wrote 100 words
  • wrote 5 or 10 minutes
  • work on a project (named or any project you have)
  • fill you ScriBuJo
  • made progress on the current month’s challenge
  • made progress on the January’s challenge
  • use the prompt of the day
  • read

This list is not exhaustive, it’s only here to give you ideas. You can add and drop some whenever you want.

I’ll write a more detailed post on what I track and what you can track related to writing.

It’s not because I want to track each word I wrote every single day that you should do the same. It’s useful if you want to see your progress and if numbers motivate you. If you take it more as a hobby or a stress relieving tool, it’s useless (Writing is my day job, I can’t take it lightly 🙂 ).

Now, you just have to put it under the date of the new day or session and remember to fill it. It’s your call to use a textual one or an iconic one.

You’ll see that I use a colour code to fill my boxes. It’s not necessary, but it motivates me. I already spoke about it, so it’s cut it here.


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