ScriBuJo 09 (En)

Version française ici.

Today, we continue on the same way. I wrote about daily trackers, we’ll speak about general trackers. No big differences, except where they are. The daily tracker is on each daily page, just after the day for example. The general tracker can be on the weekly page, the monthly page or a page only for trackers. You can also dedicate a page for each tracker and put their many months or the whole year.

As general trackers, you can take some of your dailies trackers (or not, as you wish) and add some. I tend to forget to update my trackers if they’re not under my nose, so they are all on a printed header (optimisation of my time, hello) and in the writing level 10 (optimisation again!). I know I write about it much. It’s a kind of tracker, but with an action plan to work on what I want to improve. I’m still testing it.

Here are some trackers of mine:

  • writing the minimal daily goal
  • read (studying)
  • plan or revise a text
  • practices (as drabble, to get out of my comfort zone)
  • if I worked on each principal project (each has its own tracker)
  • if I worked on the blog

You don’t have to have that much, or you can add more if you want.

The advantage of trackers is that it works with rewards. I’m already writing a post on it.

For now – I know I’m repeating myself – the goal is to take the habit to use your ScriBuJo, develop it and found what’s work with you. I recommend to test everything, to see next month or the one after it what’s better for you.

From now on, you can mix trackers and reviews. Everything is done to track your progression and act accordingly.

Try the classics and customise later.

Tomorrow, we’ll speak about trackers and after that, we’ll be in writing.

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