ScriBuJo 12 (En)

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Today, we’ll work on the first writing pages. You’ll have some work to do. Take a page by project, (de préférence) by story, but if you write some short stories, you can take half a page for each or a full page and add subtitle each time you’re done. You can divide more, depending on the size of the page. I use A6.

You put your story’s title and you list your characters’ names. You can make two columns, depending on the shortness of the names or the number of people. You just need to let some space to write the page number of the character’s sheet.

Some people will say they don’t need characters’ sheet. If it’s truly the case, then you’re free to skip that part, but I strongly suggest that you test it for a small project.

Write some notes about a secondary character that came around the corner of a scene on chapter two named Christopher and who had blonde hair, it can be useful if he pop out of nowhere in chapter five and you forgot everything about him. You can put two or three details you mention, like his job, an important hobby for the story line or his eyes’ colour (other things depend on how much you said when he appears).

Saying the baker’s name is Camille and she’s a redhead is enough if the main character doesn’t fall in love with her. On the other hand, if she’s a class buddy of the heroine, she will remember in which class they were together, that she made one sport or another, that she had hazel eyes and freckles. Theses information are to be written if you don’t want her to turn into a buxom blonde haired woman who tries to steal the main character’s love interest.

Be cautious, I’m not asking you to write an essay on each one including deep motivations and all the details of their lives. Only useful information that can be needed for a quick check.

During nearly a week, we’ll do lists and sheets, so don’t hesitate to use it to develop your characters, backgrounds and universes.

And then, we’ll see tomorrow for the characters sheets precisely.


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