ScriBuJo 13 (En)

Version française ici.

Each character is supposed to be specific, or else he’s not interesting enough and we don’t care about him. I suggest a quick and light version of the character sheet. As many of the notions I wrote about on this challenge, I’ll get back at it later and delve deeper. Here, the goal is to start.

For my short version and for a quite important character, I wrote the following:

  • Names of the character
  • Age (even if it’s vague)
  • Appearance (eyes colour, hair colour and hair cut, height, silhouette, fashion style if it’s particular)
  • Motivation if needed
  • Some principal traits of character
  • Side notes if there is something important that you shouldn’t forget

I doubt that you can develop a character that is quite important (even if it’s not the protagonist) without theses information. Even if a part of it is fairly basic (for contemporary writing in the real world, they don’t want to slay a dragon nor find a great magus that master death), I’m quite sure that it’s necessary. Even if it’s just for consistency, like Camille, school mate, redhead then blonde, once dance fan then gymnastic champion. For secondary characters or less important, you can shorten by deleting the motivation and maybe the character’s traits. I also have a « background characters » list where I keep only the name, the function and a few details, like Duena, old and deaf servant of the Familia del Agua, who helps Alessa and Vala taking their bath before a mundane event. As least, it prevents me from using the same name in the same universe.

You don’t need to keep everything here, on the contrary. As I said yesterday, I keep a short version on my ScriBuJo and a digital full version with a cute avatar (made on a FaceMaker as I don’t draw well enough) for short cuts on smartphone and tablet.

The goal is here is a quick reference without having to switch program, in case you forgot something or if the character invites himself somewhere you didn’t plan it.

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