ScriBuJo 14 (En)

Version française ici.

Why change a winning formula? We’ll be doing the same thing than yesterday, except we’ll be talking about places, not characters. It doesn’t seem great said that way, but whether your story is set in real places or whether you create them from scratch, it can be useful to takes some notes. Just knowing where it is to avoid putting Strasbourg in the south of France or Chicago in the place of New York (I’m exaggerating :p but if you’re setting your novel in a foreign place, it’s useful to use a map).

Today, as the day before yesterday, you don’t have much homework: just write a list per projects. You can choose to mention only special places or put them all if they are important. Depending on your way to do it and the meaning it holds, you can choose Hogwarts or zoom into the potions’ room or one of the Houses’ dorm.

As for characters, use one page by project, with enough space to write down the page where you put each place’s sheet. Depending on your page’s size and your writing, you can make one or more columns.

The second part, tomorrow!


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