ScriBuJo 16 (En)

Version française ici.

Each story, each universe have its own rules. In Fantasy and Science-Fiction (as well as Science-Fantasy and such), there is additional data you have to take into account: characters’ species, maybe their classes or functions amidst the group (yeah, I’m a role-player, and proud of it), their culture/planet/region of origin, their religion and everything else that is unique to your universe. Each piece of data, if useful, should be written. You’ll start a list of additional data and – if useful – some sub-lists (my sub-lists are digital).

For example:
Main list:
Races: Hobbit, Dwarf, Elves, Human, Ent.

Hobbit: Sam, Pippin.
Human: Boromir, Aragorn.

You may think it’s useless to keep a list of characters species by species. I strongly suggest you complete each character’s sheet with their species and then make a sheet about each species, delving into its characteristic and relevant background. There is nothing more frustrating than having had great ideas that you forgot about or wrote down on a random scrap of paper that you lost – thus having to start from scratch.
Next part tomorrow, with sheets for each class/race/planet/everything you want. Prepare your creative muscles!

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