ScriBuJo 17 (En)

Version française ici.

This is a direct continuation or yesterday! If you didn’t read it, it’s here.

Now, you’re free to do whatever you want (I know, it’s the concept of the ScriBuJo, but I won’t even give you a plan here, there’s no net). You’ll have to list every useful information about each concept relevant to your universe and fill accordingly. There’s no need to write down everything on the background of a species if everything you need while writing is a quick refresher that they’re smalls, squat, yellow-eyed creatures with blue spiky hair and with hairy legs. On the contrary, if they really, really hate shrimp and spit on every green object they see, you have to write it.

I’ll go over it again in a few weeks, to show you how I make my own sheets, but you shouldn’t forget that I’m an extreme plotter, so I’m a control freak that writes down everything I can. You absolutely don’t need to get that far. That being said, I’ll show them anyway, because it can give you ideas (not only to show off).

The next part will be a little less brainy, more action in the long term, see you!

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